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Critical Metals Corp. to Acquire Tanbreez, One of the World’s Largest Known Rare Earths Assets

June 10, 2024

Critical Metals Corp. has signed a binding heads of agreement to acquire a controlling interest in the Tanbreez Greenland Rare Earth Mine, one of the largest rare earth deposits in the world

The Tanbreez Project offers a foundational permitted rare earth asset in North America and Europe

With China dominating more than 90% of the REEs, Critical Metals Corp. acquisition of the mine strategically would establish it as a reliable supplier of critical minerals for the western world

First significant transaction for Critical Metals Corp. in its strategic M&A roadmap, reflecting another world class addition to its portfolio of assets

Transaction valued at up to $211 million

NEW YORK, June 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Critical Metals Corp. (Nasdaq: CRML) (“Critical Metals Corp”), a leading mining development company focused on critical metals and minerals, and producing strategic products essential to electrification and next generation technologies for Europe and its western world partners, today announced that it has signed a binding heads of agreement to acquire a controlling interest in the Tanbreez Greenland Rare Earth Mine (the “Tanbreez Project”) from Rimbal Pty Ltd., a company controlled by geologist Gregory Barnes (“Rimbal”).

The Tanbreez Project is a permitted, globally significant critical minerals asset positioned to unlock a sustainable, reliable and long-term rare earth supply for North America and Europe. Once operational, Tanbreez is expected to supply rare earth elements (REEs) to customers in the western hemisphere to support the production of a wide range of next-generation commercial products, as well as demand from the defense industry. The Tanbreez Project is expected to possess greater than 27% heavy rare earth elements (HREE), which carry a much higher value than light rare earth elements. In an industry where competitors primarily target light rare earth elements (LREE), Tanbreez is believed to be unique not only due to its significant size, but also because of its HREE asset mix.

“Tanbreez is a game-changing rare earth mine for the West, and is a key step towards positioning Critical Metals Corp as the preeminent critical minerals supplier with a diversified, multi-asset portfolio that spans multiple geographies,” said Critical Metals Corp CEO and Chairman, Tony Sage. “With Tanbreez expected to be under the Critical Metals Corp banner, we will have the ability to further support our commercial network in Europe while simultaneously being able to evaluate additional opportunities to tap into the upside potential of the North American market. Critical Metals Corp continues to capitalize on macro-economic tailwinds and government support which are accelerating the demand for critical minerals as we play an essential role in supporting the green energy transition.”

Tanbreez Project Asset Highlights:

  • Exploitation License Granted: the project is permitted with a license to mine the asset granted by the Greenland Government in 2020.
  • 4.7 billion-ton Multi-Element Management Estimated Resource: S-K 1300 conversion underway.
  • Reliable and Long-term REE Supply Unlocked for the West: securing one of the largest rare earth deposits in the world for national defense.
  • Strategically Located: the asset is favorably located in Southern Greenland in close proximity to airport and shoreline transportation options with established infrastructure in place for year-round direct shipping of end-products.
  • Environmentally Friendly Asset: minimal harmful products expected to be produced in the mineralization of REEs at the project.

Tanbreez Project Asset Overview

The Tanbreez Project is expected to have access to key transportation outlets as the project’s area features year-round direct shipping access via deep water fjords that lead directly to the North Atlantic Ocean. The outcropping ore body known as Kakortokite covers an area of 8 x 5 km and is approximately 400m thick.

This foundational rare earth asset is expected to benefit from robust regulatory tailwinds in both Europe and North American and long-term secular trends for next-generation technology for both commercial and government applications. With China dominating more than 90% of the world’s rare earth assets, this acquisition would represent a strategic move for Critical Metals Corp as it continues to position itself as a leading supplier of critical minerals for the western world. By centralizing the supply chain for critical minerals and working with Critical Metals Corp and Tanbreez, western countries can reduce their dependence on foreign imports, thereby bolstering their national security.

Critical Metals Corp’s assessment and estimates of the Tanbreez Project to date have been limited. Critical Metals Corp’s assessment of these assets may not reveal all existing or potential problems, nor will it permit it to become familiar enough with the properties to assess fully their capabilities and deficiencies. Further, Critical Metals Corp may not be able to achieve the expected benefits of the acquisition.

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Jett Capital Advisors, LLC and Cohen & Company Capital Markets, a division of J.V.B Financial Group, LLC are financial advisors to Critical Metals Corp.; White & Case LLP are legal advisors to Critical Metals Corp.

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Critical Metals Corp (Nasdaq: CRML) is a leading mining development company focused on critical metals and minerals, and producing strategic products essential to electrification and next generation technologies for Europe and its western world partners. Its initial flagship asset is the Wolfsberg Lithium Project located in Carinthia, 270 km south of Vienna, Austria. The Wolfsberg Lithium Project is the first fully permitted mine in Europe and is strategically located with access to established road and rail infrastructure and is expected to be the next major producer of key lithium products to support the European market. Wolfsberg is well positioned with offtake and downstream partners to become a unique and valuable building block in an expanding geostrategic critical metals portfolio.

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Cautionary Note Regarding Estimates of Measured, Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resources

The information herein regarding the possible mineral resources with respect to the Tanbreez Project represent management’s current estimates of such resources. Estimates of the mineral resources at the Tanbreez Project are subject to considerable uncertainty. Such estimates are, or will be, to a large extent, based on metal prices and interpretations of geological data obtained from drill holes and other exploration techniques, which may not be indicative of future results. Additionally, the estimates of the Tanbreez Project do not indicate proven or probable reserves as defined by the SEC or Critical Metals’ standards. The estimates are expected to be in compliance with the requirements on the Australian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves, December 2012 (the “JORC Code”) and have not been prepared in accordance with Regulation S-K 1300. Investors should note that the requirements of the JORC Code differ from the requirements of Regulation S-K 1300. A qualified person, as defined in Regulation S-K 1300, has not done sufficient work to classify the estimates as a current estimate of mineral reserves and mineral resources (as defined under Regulation S-K 1300) and, therefore, Critical Metals is not treating the historical estimates of the Tanbreez Project as current compliant mineral reserve and mineral resource estimates. Critical Metals has not been involved in the preparation of such estimates. There is no assurance that any estimates reported under the JORC Code will be the same as the mineral reserve or mineral resource estimates prepared under Regulation S-K 1300 standards. Accordingly, you are specifically cautioned that the estimates of the Tanbreez Project may not be comparable to similar information made public by Critical Metals or other companies subject to the reporting and disclosure requirements under Regulation S-K 1300.

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